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    Indulge in Chocolate Fondue

    Melted chocolate, strawberries, waffles, waffers, bananas and kiwis: Absolute heaven. Try the chocolate fondue at The Fondue Pot for a delicious milk or dark chocolate treat. The Fondue Pot • 6 Abdel-Moneim Hafez, parallel to Thawra St. from Nozha St., Heliopolis • Tel. +2 (02) 2418-6521  
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    Drink more green tea

    Eleven reasons we came across to drink more green tea
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    Work That Core

    Get a stronger core in less than an hour. 60 seconds plank 50 jumping jacks 50 crunches 40 squats 30 bicycle crunches 40 mountain climbers 30 side crunches   Repeat three times every other day.
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    Anakato Nubian Houses

    Beautiful scenery, colors and hospitality at the Anakato Nubian Houses in Aswan.

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    Lara’s Crafts Green Tea Set

    This is absolutely, adorably cute. We are loving Lara’s Craft green tea set of a medium teapot and four cups, which comes in green or purple. Available on Style-Treasure.com for LE 300.

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    Old Doors

    An old door found in Manial island in Giza. Lovely architecture and sensationally nostalgic of prettier times.

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